Did you know that everyone is naturally intuitive, with an inborn ability to receive information through their emotions and extra-sensory perception? 

Do you consider yourself intuitive?

Perhaps you might have a different word for it, like a
gut-feeling, hunch or sixth sense. 

What if you could fine tune your intuition to support you in your classroom, home or school environment? 

What if you could work with your intuition to enhance your connection and understanding of yourself, your Children and your Colleagues?

everyone can do it

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ABOUT Nathan

Nathan is a Clairvoyant Healer and School Teacher of 11 years. He has a Masters in Education and has taught in Primary, Secondary, English as a Second Language (ESL) and Autism-specific learning environments in Australia and Japan.


Nathan has seen many clients in his thriving Clairvoyant Healing practise for local, national and international clients from all different walks of life. He has written magazine articles, featured on the radio and regularly facilitates workshops on Intuitive Development. 

Clairvoyant in the Classroom is a service dedicated to empowering and educating Children, Parents and School Teachers about the magic and miracle of working with their own intuition.  

How Can I Help You?

Here are some areas that Nathan can support
Children, Parents and Teachers in:

In the Home

- Anxiety and Anger management,

- Building self-confidence and

- Dealing with children's bullying and healing traumatic classroom experiences,

- Developing Communication Skills, 

- Improving relationships in personal and family life,

- Improving sleep for Children and Adults,

- Individualised Intuitive Development and coaching,

- Intuitive Business Mentoring (IBM)

- Intuitive insights into life-path for Children and Adults,

- Online practice groups and classes in  Intuitive Development,

- Meditation instruction,

- Self-regulation strategies for behavioural, emotional and sensory needs at home,

- Social Skills for Children, Adults and Families,

- Supporting Families dealing with grief and bereavement, 

- Resolving negative patterns,

- Safety and Self-Defense,  

- ​Understanding and nurturing Children's Intuition,

- And more!


at School and in the classroom

- Behaviour Management Strategies, 

- Career development and mentoring for Pre-Service and New Teachers, 

- Communication and writing skills for authentic, empowering discussions in professional and collaborative settings, 

- Counselling for Executives, Teachers and School Staff,

- Curriculum development in K-6 (Primary) and Secondary Life Skills, Curriculum and Growth Mindset, Mindfulness and Well-Being programs for Primary, Secondary and Special Education,

- Developing Classroom Environments that are supportive of a diverse range of Student needs

- Instruction in the "
Intuition in the Classroom" program (Coming Soon),

- Meditation for busy classrooms, schools and people, 

- Positive Behaviour Support in classrooms and school environments,

- Planning, Developing and Implementing Well-being initiatives in schools to support Staff and Students, 

- Supporting HR and Executive Teams in interviewing and choosing suitable applicants for teaching positions, 

- Understanding Student and Class Profiles to support Teachers and Schools in individualised planning for Student needs, 

- Unlocking creativity for curriculum development

- And more!